The Marines were armed with bronekabel VARTA

Морская пехота получила на вооружение бронемобили Варта

The Marines will patrol on the Warta

Airborne assault battalion of Marines got on the armaments of 15 units of new promemoria.

One of the assault battalions of Marines APU received 15 specialized armored cars of domestic production VARTA. This reports the press service of the defense Ministry on Friday, February 22.

“Modern armored vehicles VARTA entered service of one of the units, namely to the private landing-assault battalion of Marines. Soldiers of the Central automobile storage and repair, Khmelnitsky region, gave the representatives of the separate air assault battalion of Marines 15 specialized armored cars of domestic production VARTA”, – stated in the message.

As noted, these powerful developments of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex will be adopted Marines and will increase their firepower and mobility when performing combat tasks in the composition of forces and means involved in the operation of the joint forces.

Earlier it was reported that the Kharkiv armored plant has upgraded hundreds of T-64 tanks sample 2017 for the Ukrainian army.

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