The market of television technology in 2017 will be enriched with interesting new products

Рынок телевизионной техники в 2017 году пополнится интересными новинками

Coming in 2017 will be rich with new technical. Major market players are ready to present the results of development – evidenced by official announcements and insider information is announced in November-December 2016. The most interesting models of TVs we can expect from companies LG, Panasonic and Sony.

Classic and innovative curved OLED TV LG

LG is going to release a large collection of premium OLED TVs, which will include both flat and curved panels with diagonals 55-77 inches. According to information from the website of the Wi-Fi Alliance, the number of new products presented to the device with markings, B7, C7, E7, and G7. Each model will be released in two versions: TV B7, C7 and E7 are equipped with 55 – and 65-inch screens, and TV G7 – 65 – and 77-inch. New items will arrive in online stores in the first half of 2017.

In addition to straight and curved LG TVs we can expect the emergence of ultra-slim and ultra-expensive OLED panels W7 (Wallpaper), the thickness of which is 0.97 cm and the price is several thousand dollars. The company will present new items with diagonals of 65 and 77 inches. Despite the impressive diagonal 65-inch model weighs just 1.9 kg. Due to the light weight of the panel is held on wall brackets or fastenings, and a flat magnetic backing. A prototype of a unique ultra-thin TV was showcased almost two years ago – at CES 2015.

The first OLED-TVs from Sony

While some players go with the TV market, others aim to master new technologies. The first group of participants belongs to Toshiba – the Japanese company has ceased to release new LCD TV for Europe and America, unable to withstand competition from Korean manufacturers. The second group of players – Sony. The company decided to start production of its first OLED panels with diagonals 55 and 65 inches.

Рынок телевизионной техники в 2017 году пополнится интересными новинками



In the manufacture of new Sony TVs use proven solutions – OLED panel from LG. The model will be presented at the January CES 2017. According to information provided by the CEO of the company OLED Association, Sony plans to supply the market with 80 thousand 55-inch models and 120 thousand panels with a diagonal of 65 inches. New items are estimated in 1 999 and 2 999 USD. Probably TV will appear on the website Foxtrot and other online electronics stores before the latter half of 2017.

Panasonic will present an affordable alternative to OLED panels

Рынок телевизионной техники в 2017 году пополнится интересными новинками



Panasonic plans to start production of unique LCD panels that are not inferior to OLED TVs in picture quality. The revolutionary LCD screens with IPS-matrix would have an incredible contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, allowing you to demonstrate the depth of black. The new panels will be subject to different LCD cells, allowing to control the illumination of each individual pixel. In 2017 will be produced test samples that will find application in the field of business. When will consumer LCD televisions of a new type is still unknown.