The market price of coal will help to implement plans for state mines in coal mining. Cooper

The market price of coal will help to implement plans for state mines in coal mining. This was stated by MP Michael Cooper, commenting on the adopted by the Parliament on December 22 bill No. 4744 regarding the state of the state mining enterprises for partial coverage of cost of finished marketable coal products.

To support state-owned mines in the law were not allocated 1 billion and 450 million UAH. The MP believes that in the case of such underfunding of the public sector miners, save only the market price of coal.

“Now do the sum of 450 million UAH, it will partially close the issue of payment of wages to miners. The Minister of energy said that a further shortage of funds for gosshhhh is planned to cover with income from the sale of coal. This is now planned to raise the price of coal to the state mines, because it is now at a level of 1360 UAH per ton,” – said MP Michael Cooper.

“I hope mine will get market price. And, then, the mine will be able to pay salaries, invest in equipment to improve the technology. The market price will provide the mine with the necessary funds”, – said MP Michael Cooper.

Recall, as reported by the trade Union of workers of coal industry of Ukraine, citing data from the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine, in November 2016, the mines subordinate to the Ministry, produced 451,6 thousand tons of coal, which accounted for 76.3 per cent of the plan. Shortfalls in the plan – at the level 139,9 thousand tons. Experts of the energy market believe that the increase of the coal price for the state mines to market levels will allow enterprises to improve their tekhnofond and increase production.