The mass death of birds and animals identified in the Zaporozhye region

Массовую гибель птиц и животных выявили в Запорожской области

In Zaporozhye there was a mass death of birds and animals

Massive marine birds and mammals occurred in Akimov district. Local hunters suspect that the cause of death was the toxic chemicals to farmers.

In Akimov district of Zaporozhye region was a mass death of birds and animals, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

Hundreds of corpses of rooks, pheasants, partridges, crows, “red” raptors, upland Buzzard and common Buzzard was discovered on 7 March by local hunters near rapeseed fields near the village of Liman. Later it turned out that in other areas of the district are dying EN masse, birds and animals such as foxes and dogs.

The hunters suggest that the fauna of the area affected including grain green used by farmers for rodent control, which is detected in the mass mortality of birds.

Police patrol the interior of the subdivision of the Melitopol Department of the police recorded the fact of death of birds and animals. The investigation is underway. Akimov veterinary service is also conducting its own investigation of the incident.

Hunters yakymivs’kyi district reported that such cases occur in the area not for the first time, and told local authorities that are concerned about the uncontrolled use of pesticides by farmers that threatens the lives of not only animals and birds but also people.

As reported, the mass death of birds found in the Crimea. Shore Belyaus spit in the Donuzlav littered with dead ducks. An eyewitness reported that the carcasses of birds also lying on the road that leads to the Sand pit. Earlier in the river road strewn with dead birds. Several dozen birds fell right on the roadway.

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