The matter is MH17: media found the Gloomy place of residence in Russia

Дело MH17: СМИ нашли место жительства Хмурого в РФ

Dutch journalists have confirmed the location of the officer involved in the MH17 disaster.

The program Nieuwsuur journalists from the Netherlands confirmed the place of residence of a Russian officer in the resignation of Sergei Dubinsky Callsign Gloomy in the Rostov region (Russia).

They obtained circumstantial evidence that the Russian retired officer involved in the crash malaysische airliner MH17, lives in the Rostov region of Russia.

Dubinsky, according to the report of the investigators of the international volunteer group Bellingcat, organized the delivery to Eastern Ukraine Buk installation that shot down the plane.

On arrival at the address, journalists asked answered the intercom person to pass to Dubinsky that I wish to speak to journalists.

“But he doesn’t know we’re here,” the journalist said to the man in the intercom.

“Yes, please be here,” came the answer, the journalist asked Dubinsky that journalists would like to talk to him.

“Can I tell him, but this is unlikely to change anything,” – said in response.

We will remind, earlier the SBU refused to confirm whether the separatist Callsign Gloomy retiree Sergey Dubinskiy.

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