The mayor of Chernihiv: People without three children – patients

Мэр Чернигова: Люди без трех детей - больные

Only a family of three children may be referred to as Ukrainians, according to the mayor

The head of the regional center spoke about demographics.

The mayor of Chernihiv Vladislav Atroshenko wrote in a Facebook post with his thoughts on stimulating the birth rate in the country. According to him, the demographic situation needs to be corrected “immediately.”

According to Atroshenko, parents were not able to grow at least three children, generally should not be considered by Ukrainians.

“If we are patriots, patriotism should be expressed not only in words, and geopolitical relations. If you take the Patriotic component need to have at least three children in the family. Below girl and guy, they were grown and knew that if they didn’t have three children then they are some sick, or are not, they are not Ukrainians!” – the mayor wrote.

Position Atroshenko has caused indignation of users of social networks. Many drew attention to the fact that he Atroshenko is the father of only two children.

Recall Atroshenko is in the TOP 5 of the richest mayors in Ukraine.

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