The mayor of Energodar shoot for help the family of a soldier ATO

Мэра Энергодара снимают за помощь семье бойца АТО

Official statement of the Opposition bloc at the recent events in the city.

The events of recent days in Energodar demonstrate how with the use of security forces the government is trying to remove opposition politicians from the leadership of cities and regions.
At the local government level, using strong pressure, outright slander and intimidation, the government is trying to oust the legally elected mayor of the city of Energodar (Zaporozhye region) the Paul Music.

8 June 2017, during the session of Energodar city Council of the city Prosecutor Dmitry Trosic asked for the word under the pretext of a progress report. However, instead, with the podium session presented mayor suspected in committing a criminal offence.

The reason for the charges was an appeal to the court of the former Director of the city cemetery.
Two years ago, in 2015, when Paul Music worked not the mayor and Secretary of city Council, he fired the Director of the funeral enterprise “Ritual” Vladimir Gavryushkin because he refused to the relatives of the deceased in ATO Sergey Polulyah to provide a place for the burial of a warrior in the area of the Central alley of the cemetery. Gavryushkin openly mocked the family of the deceased and did not respond neither to oral nor to the written orders.

Because Paul Music made high by the moral principles of the act and came to the defense of the family of the soldier killed in the ATO, today he is charged with a criminal offence.

The actions of the security forces is not only aimed at the removal of Music Paul from office of the mayor, but also to intimidate the opposition throughout the country. On Monday, June 12 the already scheduled court hearing, to remove him from fulfilling the duties of the mayor and imprison. The corresponding petition is already prepared by the Prosecutor’s office.

To carry out a political order and to destabilize the city’s security forces are ready to go to any illegal actions. The purpose of which one – any means to change an opposition politician and the elected mayor.

Enerhodar is not just a city, it produced about a quarter of produced in Ukraine of electricity, and its normal operation is stability of power supply throughout the country.

We declare that we will protect our members and all citizens, which is illegal and unlawful pressure from the authorities.

We appeal to the leadership of the country and law enforcement agencies with a demand to stop the lawlessness that is happening today against representatives of the OPPOSITION BLOC, our activists.

We are drawn to the representatives of the international human rights organizations and the European politicians with a request to assess the situation with the violation of the rights of citizens and the rights of opposition in Ukraine.