The media attacked the new virus-the Trojan

СМИ атаковал новый вирус-шифровальщик

Hackers staged another attack

Suffered several news sites.

Media and other companies attacked by a new virus-the Trojan horse. About this in his Facebook said the head of Group-IB Ilya Sachkov.

“We began what we were warned a new wave of ransomware BadRabbit attacking the Russian media. Group-IB is known about the three successful attacks today. Judging by the screens of computers, not like You or Wannacry,” said Sachkov.

Head of Group-IB added that victims of virus attacks steel and other companies, in particular in Ukraine.

In particular, do not work sites the Russian news Agency Interfax, Fontanka and publications

We will remind, the Ministry of infrastructure has temporarily suspended the operation of its website in connection with the receipt of a number of cyber threats.

Also recall that the hacker attack on Tuesday, October 24, has been the Kiev metro and the airport in Odessa.