The media called the “presidential elections” one of the organizers of the “referendum” in Donetsk

СМИ назвали "агентом СБУ" одну из организаторов "референдума" в Донецке

Tatiana Marmazov was suspected of working for the security service

The native of Mariupol Tatyana Marmazov was suspected of working for the Ukrainian secret service.

Living in Russia a native of the city of Mariupol Tatyana Marmazov, which the Russian government had planned to deport, suspected of involvement in SBU. This publication reports the Voice of truth.

Referring to the insider information of the SBU, the publication notes that marmazova decided “to promote SBU in the solution of its tasks in the field of security”.

“Marmazov said she was ready to make public statements in the media, including on the Central channels, which diskreditiert activities of DNR”, – said in a statement.

Also, according to the publication, Marmazov expressed willingness to help in PR Petro Poroshenko and the formation of public opinion beyond the control of the government of the territory of Donbass.

“Marmazov was collecting information on the uncontrolled territory of Donbass and passed it to the SBU. In the documents of the security Service of Ukraine woman called “operational source” – pereizdanie.

Tatiana Marmazov called one of the organizers of the referendum in the Donbass in 2014. Her husband Ruslan Marmazov – sports journalist, former press Secretary of the football club Shakhtar, actively criticized the Ukrainian government.

It is also known that in may 2017 Tatiana Marmazov decided to deport from Russia. According to recent reports, the deportation order cancelled.