The media learned about the danger of failure of a new Boeing 737 into a steep dive

СМИ узнали об опасности срыва новых Boeing 737 в крутое пике

The Boeing 737 Max in flight can go into a steep dive

According to Bloomberg, the airline will receive a warning of possible failure of Boeing 737 Max in a steep dive.
Boeing will send the operators of its new 737 Max models a warning about the possibility of failure during flight. It is reported Bloomberg citing its own sources.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, due to incorrect performance of flight control of the aircraft may go into a steep dive.

The warning is based on preliminary findings about the cause of the crash of the Boeing 737 airliner Indonesian airline Lion Air on October 29.

It is noted that the message will be sent to carriers on the morning of 7 November to the time of Jakarta. It will contain guidance for pilots to avoid dangerous situations.

Recall, the newest and the best-selling Boeing 737 MAX 8 airline Lion Air crashed on October 29 after 13 minutes after departure from Jakarta. On Board were 181 passengers and eight crew members, they all died.

According to the Indonesian authorities, the plane there was a technical malfunction, in particular about the speed display.

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