The media learned the details of the claim from Siemens turbines in the Crimea

СМИ узнали детали иска Siemens по турбинам в Крыму

German turbine found in the Crimea

The Germans claim that the Russian partners introduced from misleading.

The German company Siemens argues that the Russian company Technopromexport, a subsidiary of the rostec state Corporation, has introduced a “confusion” in a situation with deliveries of gas turbines in the Crimea. This writes Forbes, citing the claim of the Company.

Siemens gas turbine technologies signed in 2013 a contract with Technopromexport to 213 million euros.

In this case the contract was “specifically identified” the ban on the use of this equipment in the Crimea, and also stated “the place of permitted use” – the Taman Peninsula of the Krasnodar region, said in a lawsuit.

“Tekhnopromexport signed a contract that guaranteed that the turbines will not be used at power plants supplying the Crimea”, – stressed in Siemens.

But then the company resold the German turbines, says the Corporation.

“JSC foreign economic Association Technopromexport signed on 16 October 2015 the contract with JSC foreign economic Association Technopromexport in the amount of €129,18 million, involving the supply of four gas turbines, the relevant description purchased from Siemens”, – said in a lawsuit.

For the supply of turbines Siemens Crimea became known on July 5. The Company claimed that the equipment they bought on the secondary market. The Kremlin said that the Russian brand of turbine.

June 11, Siemens filed a claim for supplies to the Crimea gas turbine to bypass the sanctions. The company intends through court to return the installations on Russian territory.

The company also stated that they intend to review the business in Russia from-for scandal with the turbines, without specifying what it involves.