The media materials require a breakthrough Saakashvili

У СМИ требуют материалы о прорыве Саакашвили

Investigators of the National police are trying to access content Gromadska to break Saakashvili.

In edition of TV channel hromadske TV came investigators of the National police with the requirement to provide access to materials in the investigation of cases of illegal border crossing by the former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili on 10 September 2017. This was reported on the channel’s website.

The resolution noted that the investigator of national police of the Lviv region, in coordination with the office of public Prosecutor has addressed in court with the petition for granting temporary access remontirovanniy versions of photos and videos that were recorded using technical means workers OO Public television about the events that took place near the international automobile checkpoint shehyni.

Decided to request the investigating judge of the Galician district court of Lviv, Sebacic Natalia Bogdanovna.



As reported, Saakashvili broke into Ukraine 10 September through the checkpoint shehyni, accompanied by several deputies and hundreds of supporters who have made it into the country.

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