The media showed a story about the wedding of the son of Lutsenko

СМИ показали сюжет о свадьбе сына Луценко

At the wedding of the son of Lutsenko was Avakov and other gosciny

The wedding was Poroshenko, Avakov, Ukraine and Klitschko.

Journalists of the program “Schemes” published a full story about the wedding of the son of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, during the filming of which was attacked by employees of UGO. The celebration took place on 15 September in a country house near Kiev, writes Radio Liberty.

In addition to the President of Petro Poroshenko, who arrived with his wife, journalists recorded at the celebration of Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov’s first Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv, the former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko, Deputy speaker of the Parliament Irina Gerashchenko, Minister of information policy Yuriy Yuriy Stets, Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko.

Also at the wedding was celebrated by a number of people’s deputies, in particular deputies from “Blok Petro Poroshenko” Gleb zagoriy, Sergei Tregubenko, Alexander Tretyakov and the people’s Deputy from “popular front” Andrew Ivanchuk.

In addition, was seen non-faction MP Andriy Derkach, former “regional”, who voted for the so-called “dictatorial laws 16 January”.

Journalists recorded in celebration of the wedding of the son of Prosecutor General Deputy Chairman of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” the people’s Deputy Igor Kononenko, former head of the presidential Administration, and nowadays the Secretary of the National investment Council Boris Lozhkin and Secretary of the national security and defense Alexander Turchinov.

Thus the President, Prime Minister and many other politicians gathered near Kyiv in Koncha Zaspa to the private party. The journalists did not see visitors, employees of the state security Department were trying not to give to record the events on video.

And during the exit of the celebration of President Poroshenko’s security guards made a physical attack on the film crew to stop the shooting at this point. Operator Boris Trotsenko has received a brain concussion and damage to the hand.

While observing the celebration of journalists striking a few episodes. For example, a Toyota Camry with the license plate АА0001СК, which was on the attorney General. And the woman who initially stands near the van, which brought a birthday cake. Subsequently, the guard leads her to the car.

Journalists record as the woman leaves the party it was in the car. Does this woman post in the GPU and the grounds on which departmental car drove? About this Scheme publicly asked the attorney General in network Facebook. However, no reply received.

This is not the only episode that has signs of abuse of the attorney General office. Minibus with license plate АА0013МО, employee, HUGO skips to the Parking lot of the establishment, was also the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Making at a private event family of attorney General departmental machine? It turns out that the car serves as a repository for gifts. In this case, the movers are employees of UGO. For example, the guards take out the painting, like a portrait of the newlyweds. The guard sits down in the departmental minibus GPU and exports gifts.

Later, departmental and Toyota, and departmental minibus back to the celebration.

The scheme sent a request to the Prosecutor General with the request to inform the basis on which the official cars of the GPU were served by the celebration of the wedding of the eldest son of the attorney General.

Earlier it was reported that in the Central registry office in Kiev on Saturday, 9 September, married the eldest son of Yuri Lutsenko, Alexander.

The journalist reported the assault to the employees of the State