The media showed the real estate and luxury cars Lyashko

СМИ показали недвижимость и элитные авто Ляшко

The MP had never had their own business, but was able to buy a mansion for 15 million.

Over the past year, the MP and leader of the Radical party, Oleg Lyashko with his civil wife Rositas Sairanen acquired the estate about 20 million hryvnia, said the investigation of the Nashi Groshi s Denis Bigus.

In 2016 Lyashko declared 740 thousand dollars, 90 million euros and 890 thousand hryvnias in cash and a coin collection, expensive watch, a peasant’s pitchfork, a treadmill and an exercise bike.

The reporters found that in the beginning of 2016, the civil wife Lyashko has gained in Kiev a land plot of 600 sq. m. already built two-storey house 300 sq. m. This house no e-Declaration of the MP. And Sairanen never had their own business.

In 2017 Lyashko got the house to himself. We are talking about the estate on 550 square meters and two land plots with a total area of 0.6 hectares in the village. Kozin (Concha Zaspa) a total value of 15 million hryvnia.

СМИ показали недвижимость и элитные авто Ляшко

While an interview Lyashko was convinced that the house is purchased on credit. However, neither in the Declaration nor in the statement of property data on the loan or mortgage available. According to the Declaration, ownership of Lyashko Mercedes S 550, Land Cruiser.

However, the journalists recorded as the morning from the yard Lyashko goes the armoured Cadillac Escaladе. On this car the MP was repeatedly seen near the Parliament.

СМИ показали недвижимость и элитные авто Ляшко

Officially recorded auto EA Lyashko Alexander Gulak. The Declaration of the main “radical” indicated that he had sold some real estate company of ASFA Online,

registered in Chernihiv region.

This property was a two-storey building in the centre of Pryluky. And before the sale, and after it is a regional office of the Radical party.

Note, in the last month in NACP has promised to check Lyashko.