The meteor left a bright trail in the sky USA

Метеорит оставил яркий след в небе США

Scientists are promised a reward of 20 thousand dollars for a piece of the meteorite.

Portland police have recorded the fall of the meteorite in Maine in the northeast United States, reports Lenta.Ru.

At the naval Observatory in Washington told the AP that, according to the brightness left in the atmosphere of the track, we canconclude that the meteorite was the size of a refrigerator.

Museum of Mineralogy of the state has promised to pay 20 thousand dollars to anyone who would get a piece of the meteorite weighing at least a kilogram.

Previously, the Pentagon explained letshego the appearance of an unidentified object in the form of a light strip, scare the citizens of Los Angeles, launch Intercontinental ballistic missiles Trident II.

Recall, October 28, into the lake was a meteorite coming down from the “true” way under “bad” influence of Jupiter.

The Scots are afraid of “fireball” in the sky