The Metropolitan police confirmed information about the kidnapping in Obolon

В столичной полиции подтвердили информацию о похищении человека на Оболони

In Kiev on Monday, two masked men kidnapped a man. This information channel “112 Ukraine” confirmed by the Metropolitan administration of national police.

According to witnesses of incident, the vehicles of the kidnappers after the abduction and headed in the direction of the street. Eleny Teligi.

“In Kiev in Obolonskiy Avenue were kidnapped by unknown person. This information was confirmed to us in the national police of the capital. According to eyewitnesses, two masked men pushed the man into the trunk of a red Chevrolet Aveo and moved in the direction of the street Olena Teligi. Witnesses recall that the car was accompanied by another, a black NISSAN Maxima”, – stated in the message.

Earlier it was reported that today in the Obolon district of the capital by unknown put him in the trunk and drove away in an unknown direction of a person.