The militants fired at the Ukrainian positions near Krasnohorivka of the “Grad-P”, – Motuzyanik

Боевики обстреляли украинские позиции около Красногоровки из "Града-П", - Мотузяник


Fighters self-proclaimed “DNR” this morning shelled the positions of Ukrainian military near krasnogorovkaya from multiple rocket launchers “Grad-P”. This was during the briefing said the speaker of the Ministry of defense Col.

He says he was released 4 missiles with a caliber of 122 mm.

However, the Ministry of defence now finds more detailed information, articulate that promise tomorrow.

As reported, in days fighters 17 times fired at positions of forces ATO. Losses among the Ukrainian military no.

9П132 “Grad-P” (“Partizan”) is a Soviet portable rocket launcher, which is mounted on a tripod with a mechanism of guidance. Used against manpower, firepower and equipment of the enemy, which hampered the use of conventional artillery systems.

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