The military repelled the attack in the industrial zone of the Town: the video

Военные отбили атаку в промзоне Авдеевки: видео

The Ukrainian military in Avdiivka

In the area of ATO has dramatically increased the shelling.

TV military Ukraine published a recording with attacks from separatists in the industrial area of Avdeevka of Donetsk region, which took place on 1 April.

The position of Ukrainian troops fired mortars today at around 9:00.

According to the ATO headquarters, fire blows from the banned weapons are used with the sole purpose to achieve the opening of return fire and the return of Ukrainian artillery, tanks and mortars on the front line as a whole. Currently, following the Minsk agreements, Ukrainian soldiers beat off exclusively firing means “small” calibers, emphasize the security forces.

Earlier it was reported that for last days in the plant were injured five Ukrainian soldiers.