The military said about the causes of the failure on the arc Svetlodarsk

Военный рассказал о причинах провала на Светлодарской дуге

The onset of the APU was designed to improve the position of the troops.

Tactical operations that are not part of the strategic plan, in principle, devoid of meaning, and the Ukrainian military offensive on the positions of the DPR forces on the arc Svetlodarsk are no exception. This was stated by the Lieutenant of the national guard Sergei Kutrakov in the air of Shuster LIVE.

“Operation “O” point. This is when tactical maneuver ends in failure. And what happened on the Arc, despite properly conducted military work, is an operation “On”. I understand why it happened: there’s “green stuff” (the wooded part of the countryside – ed.), advanced in our direction, the wedge in the direction of the Ukrainian front. And of course, the enemy there was worried about our position, the more is the maps are not very beautiful. Of course, should the wedge be removed,” explained Kutrakov.

He added that the onset of the APU was designed to improve the position of the troops. According to him, the corps fully complied with its objectives but not having enough artpodderzhki, was forced to retreat after suffering losses, resulting in to improve the position failed. “Now we have the same thing that had at the beginning of this operation,” said the Lieutenant.

According to Koutrakou, such operations are only a waste of human resources. “If the army is in place, and can only mark time within the kilometer or a mile, neither of which win be discussed,” he said.

Lately on the arc Svetlodarsk the heavy fighting in which the Ukrainian army suffers losses. Also, doctors say that the arc Svetlodarsk wounded taken around the clock.

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