The military showed a gunfight in Maryinka

Военные показали перестрелку в Марьинке

Shootout in Maryinka

Despite the truce, the war in the Donbass does not stop.

The Ukrainian military showed video of the shootout in Marinka Donetsk region. The video on their YouTube channel published channel Espreso.

It is noted that exchange of fire took place between soldiers of the 14th mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces and separatists.

According to the report, the Ukrainian soldiers were forced to open return fire with heavy machine guns DShK, 12×7 mm, AK-74, grenade launchers GP-25 40 mm grenade launchers and RPG-18 “Fly”.

Earlier in the network there was video as the Ukrainian military from the anti-tank guided missile destroyed “Ural” of the separatists.