The military situation in Ukraine. Reaction of social networks

Военное положение в Украине. Реакция соцсетей

Ukrainians react to news about the possible introduction of martial law in the country.

The possible introduction of martial law in Ukraine caused a strong reaction in social networks.

Ukrainians argue whether to impose martial law right now, what it will bring. Many speculate on how the military situation will affect the upcoming elections, and, of course, joking. The social network, after all. gathered the views of Ukrainians on the military situation.

The military is ready

Veterans of the ATO in social networks report that things are back to service already collected.


Martial law will not change anything

Popular opinion in social networks. 60 days, which I propose to impose martial law in the country will not change. Then why introduce it now?




The upcoming elections

The election is a popular topic in Ukraine, even amid the introduction of martial law. Martial law is introduced specifically to delay the election and other conspiracy theories, are being actively discussed by the Ukrainians.




In foreign countries, for example, martial law the election is not a hindrance.

Against trade

In a Facebook call for calm and not to build those conspiracy theories.