The military situation in Ukraine. What you need to know

Военное положение в Украине. Что нужно знать

On Monday the Parliament will consider a question of introduction of martial law in the country, it can last 60 days, a General mobilization promise not to.

After the attack of Russia on Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait Ukraine is preparing to impose martial law in the country.

On the military situation constantly talking throughout the 5 years of confrontation in the Donbas and annexation of Crimea. But only now the country came close to this issue. Earlier in Ukraine the martial law was never introduced. gathered all the necessary information on the military situation in Ukraine.

How to enter

The introduction of the regime of martial law takes place in three stages.

First, the Council of national security and defense submits to the President the idea of the introduction of martial law. It has been done. Then the decision the President enacts his decree. Within two days, the Verkhovna Rada must approve the decree of the head of state. After approval by Parliament, the decree of the President be immediately distributed to the media.

The speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy already announced the convening of an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada on Monday, November 26. It will start at 16:00.

How to enter

Martial law is a special legal regime which is introduced in the whole country or separate territory, if there is a threat of aggression or attack. Martial law is introduced for a certain period, but can be prematurely canceled by the President.

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov has proposed to declare martial law for a period of 60 days.


A presidential decree determines the list of rights and freedoms of citizens are limited during martial law.

The Parliament can issue an Executive order completely, partially, with recommendations or reservations.

The conditions of martial law provide for an absolute prohibition of strikes, mass gatherings and actions. Thus, under the ban can get the stock “eurobserv” which the day before had just started near the Western border of the country.

During martial law can impose a curfew, to establish a special regime of entry and exit to the settlements, to restrict the freedom of movement of citizens, as well as the movement of vehicles.

Military power will have the right to verify the documents and, if necessary, inspect their belongings, transport, baggage and cargo, premises and property of citizens.

Earn the right to ban activities of political parties and public organizations, if they bear the risk to sovereignty and national security of Ukraine.

At the same time, the law provides a list of rights restriction of which is prohibited. In particular, the prohibition of torture, punishment, degrading treatment. Citizens would still have the right to a fair trial and legal assistance.

At the meeting of the national security Council, President Petro Poroshenko said that martial law will not provide for the limitation of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens.

Who will lead the country

The leadership of the state goes to the military command, which, together with the Executive authorities, military authorities and local governments to establish and implement the measures of the new legal regime.

Can be formed by the military administration in the territories where martial law is in effect. The decision on expediency of their creation is made by the President of Ukraine upon submission of the regional state administrations or military command.

Will be mobilizing?

No. According to the President, the imposition of martial law does not provide for immediate mobilization, but they will work with the reserve soldiers of the first stage.

“We have already received hundreds of calls from members of ATU, in reserve, that they are already packing their backpacks and ready to take over the defense of the state. I appeal to you, dear veterans, to be alert,” – said Poroshenko.

Even if the military will not deliberately look for military service, the citizens consisting on the account, to change the place of residence may be problematic. Without the permission of the military Commissioner prohibited.

What with the elections?

Elections during the regime of martial law can not be carried out. This applies to presidential elections, elections to the Verkhovna Rada, the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea and local governments.

It is also prohibited to hold any referendum. Amendment of the Constitution of Ukraine and the Constitution of the Crimea is also prohibited.

After the termination of martial law the Parliament has 90 days to decide on the new election date if they were to be carried out in the period for which martial law was imposed.

Following the election of the President of Ukraine to be held on 31 March 2019, that is estimated after the expiration of martial law, which is introduced for 60 days.

However, the election campaign begins 90 days, i.e. 31 December. The introduction of martial law means a delay in the start of the campaign at least a month. And this may be the reason for postponement of the election of the President.

Property, media

During martial law, if necessary, the law allows you to dispose of property under private or municipal property, to confiscate the property of state enterprises, state economic associations, for the needs of the state. Enterprises any form of ownership can be used for defense purposes.

If during the expropriation of the property was not prior a full refund, the former owner or a person authorized by him is entitled to demand in court the return of such property.

Also ex-owners can demand instead of other property, if possible.

Martial law implies the possibility of regulation of the printing companies, publishing houses, teleradioorganizatsii, media, cultural institutions, etc. They can be used by the military to conduct explanatory work among the population.

There is a possibility of a ban on the transfer of information over a computer network.