The milky Way “steal” the stars of other galaxies

Млечный Путь "воровал" звезды у других галактик

Latest scientific studies show that our galaxy has “stolen” part of the stars of the other galaxies with which she was faced.

After a collision with another galaxy, the disk of the milky way is thicker. The incident occurred about 10 billion years ago. It is reported by Nature.

Stars on the outskirts of our galaxy was “aliens”. Specialist, University of Groningen, Amina Helmi and his colleagues concluded that a significant part of the inner halo of the milky Way was formed after a collision with a smaller galaxy.

The findings of scientists based on the analysis of the chemical composition, age, trajectory of the stars and their number in certain areas. The data astronomers used a telescope Gaia.Also, scientists have created a computer model of a possible collision.

Scientists are confident that the milky Way was formed as a result of multiple collisions with other galaxies. But how many and when was these clashes is unknown.

The day before, the researchers showed a black hole in the center of the milky Way. Its mass equal to four million solar masses. Also NASA has decided to stop working hunter of exoplanets Kepler.

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