The mine in the Donbass on the verge of collapse because of the Happy British Ambassador

Разминирование на Донбассе на грани срыва из-за Рады – посол Великобритании

International demining efforts in Ukraine in jeopardy if the Parliament does not adopt amendments to the new law, said Judith Gough.

UK calls on the Parliament to urgently adopt the amendments to the new law on demining, allowing direct donor financing to organizations engaged in mine action. About this in his blog Ukrainian Pravda wrote the British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough.

According to her, all international efforts for mine action in Ukraine “in jeopardy, if Parliament does not quickly adopt minor amendments to the new law on mine clearance”.

“At the end of last year the international community welcomed the adoption of the law, but also expressed concern about the fact that the law excludes the possibility of direct donor funding of our performers. In particular, this means that now our money should go directly to the state budget, and we will lose oversight over how the money is spent of the British taxpayer. We’ve always been clear that for us it is a “red line”, because donors can’t we just transfer the money directly to the state budget of any country where we operate,” explained Gough.

In recent months, the ambassadors of the leading donor countries appealed to MPs with a request to accept a change that “will help save the lives of Ukrainians,” she said.

“But while our efforts are in vain. The United Kingdom stands ready to support the development of the major humanitarian demining organizations, according to this law, but only under the condition of direct donor funding of mine action operators. Attempts to adopt the amendments once again fail without a clear explanation. Therefore, we can only speculate as to why,” writes the diplomat.

“The fact is that if we fail to convince to make changes to this law in the following weeks, donors will be forced to make tough decisions. I will have to stop our humanitarian work aims to save lives. Many Ukrainians will lose their jobs, but it’s mostly people from the communities living under constant danger from nestitherapy mines and ammunition. But if the amendment is adopted, we don’t have to do that,” added Gough.

Starting in 2014, the Scottish organization Halo Trust has recorded more than 1.9 thousand accidents caused by mines and other explosive remnants of war. The Halo Trust now has more than 360 Ukrainians. Since 2016 workers of the Halo Trust cleared of mines and ordnance land with a total area of 2.5 million square meters.

Recall from the beginning of the implementation of humanitarian demining in the Donbas defused almost 166 thousand explosive objects. Since the beginning of the implementation of humanitarian demining in the region have been cleared terrain with a total area of more than 26 200 hectares, approximately 94 ha of water area.

Only in the Donbas since the beginning of hostilities in the rupture of mines have killed more than 350 civilians.

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