The miner has engaged in improving the fields of the stadium in Kharkiv

Шахтер занялся улучшением поля стадиона в Харькове

Lawn OSK Metalist in the near future will be the renovation.

In Kharkiv RSC Metalist, where he intends to play home matches Shakhtar Donetsk, has started preparing for the next season.

In the offseason, will be the renovation of the pitch. Work started on 1 June. The details of the process the General Director of Shakhtar-Service Vadim Gunko.

“Of course, the need to upgrade was long overdue. Appropriate approvals are obtained. We have informed all parties involved, including the management of OSK Metalist Kharkiv regional state administration, the club Metalist 1925. Sorry, I could not start the process early because the last match at the stadium was held on 31 may. Already on 1 June the renovation started.

Шахтер занялся улучшением поля стадиона в Харькове

In the upper layer of the lawn accumulates a large amount of organic matter: humus grass, various dead remains. Over time, it actually turns into a sort of clay, plastic masses, badly leaking air and has a low drainage capacity. This is quite a slippery surface, where you develop a variety of pathogens, which negatively affects the characteristics of the field.

Lawn OSK Metalist refers to hybrid types: stitched with special fiber technology Desso GrassMaster. To expand the capacity of renovation with the help of special equipment, which we are in 2014 time to buy in the UK. We already have positive experience of such a procedure: in spring 2014, in the Donbass Arena.

Шахтер занялся улучшением поля стадиона в Харькове

This is a necessary and perfectly normal measure. Previously, the lawn OSK Metalist sewn in the summer of 2011. Since then it’s been six years, and during that time was to place two of the renovation. Question is long overdue, and other options exist. Thanks to the renovation the quality of the pitch will improve and become optimal.

What are the main stages? The essence of renovation is that we remove the top layer of turf produced by sanding up and restore artificial Desso fibres. Followed by sowing of grass, made the appropriate fertilizer is aeration and other events. Thus, the field is actually grown from scratch. Cut the top layer began June 1 in the afternoon. I note that the work was done all day and night. A team of agronomists worked until eight o’clock in the morning. This is a very skilled, intense and hard work, where you cannot miss a single detail. We hope June 3 to complete this phase, so that in the coming weeks, the lawn was in the process of growth.

According to our estimates, 22-23 July, the lawn should be strong enough. Consider, in the first game, the teams will appreciate the quality of the field and towards the group stage of the Champions League its performance reached optimal performance,” said Gunko.

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