The Minister of defence of the Russian Federation: Reinforced troops in the Crimea

Министр обороны РФ: Усилен состав войск в Крыму

Shoigu reported on the strengthening of the Russian troops in the Crimea

Shoigu reported in the state Duma on the strengthening of the Russian defense sector over the past six years.

The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu at the meeting of the Duma Committee on defence on Monday, March 11, announced the strengthening of the military grouping in Crimea, reports TASS.

“The troops in Crimea, protecting the Peninsula and interests of Russia in the Black sea”, – said the Minister.

Furthermore, Shoigu said that the Russian army since 2012, were armed with more than 200 Intercontinental ballistic missiles, both surface and submarines.

He recalled that in accordance with the decrees of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in 2012 the defense Ministry has developed a plan of activities until 2020.

“As a result, in six years the armed forces have received 109 Intercontinental ballistic missiles YARS, 108 ballistic missile submarines,” – said Shoigu.

He also said that the Russian armed forces in 2019 for the first time will get shock unmanned aerial vehicles medium range.

He noted that since 2012, the army formed 38 military units, the arms of which is more than two thousand modern drones.

The Russian Minister said that in 2019, will begin to enter service with the reconnaissance-strike complexes of average range.

Last year it was repeatedly reported about the increased military presence of Russia in the Crimea air defense systems, air force, Navy, etc., In particular, last week it became known that Russia sent to the Kerch Strait and on fast combat boats.


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