The Minister of defence spoke about the disengagement

Министр обороны рассказал о разведении войск

The defense Minister said, as there will be a disengagement

Andriy Zagorodnyuk stressed that “this is not a retreat and breeding”. The armed forces General staff is now preparing a breeding plan.

The dilution of forces and means in the Donbass will not occur across the boundary line at once, and land, and under the condition that the militants will have to do the same. The Minister of defence Andrey Zagorodnyuk said in an interview with Radio Liberty.

He stressed that “this is not a retreat and breeding”.

“First, it is not divorce at the same time everywhere. It will be lots. And there will be oversight to ensure that this was done on both sides. And it’s absolutely critical. That is not retreat completely,” said zagorodniuk.

According to him, the armed forces General staff is now preparing a breeding plan.

“And of course, each of these areas will go training, there will be explanations, there will be consideration of all technical issues, logistics issues, safety issues and so on…” – said zagorodniuk.

The Minister noted that breeding should be implemented technically correct, as the Ukrainian military on the positions where they are have created a system of fortifications.

“We talked with the military and with the General staff, no one will do this without training. This, of course, be done correctly in order to avoid excessive risks when breeding. Of course, we will ensure that the party also did,” said the Minister.

Earlier in the EP said he was ready to withdraw troops in the Donbas. Breeding troops on the demarcation line will depend on the separatists, the commander said OOS.

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