The Minister of Finance: Can live without the IMF even year

Глава Минфина: Можем прожить без МВФ даже год

Without reforms Ukraine will not receive financial aid

Kiev hopes to go public on foreign markets borrowing in 2018.

Finance Minister Alexander Danilyuk said that the Ukraine about a year to live without IMF loans, noting that without reforms the crisis will begin within a few months. He told about it at the conference “structural reforms Week in honor of Kakha Bendukidze” in Kiev, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“We can do without the IMF a month or two, maybe even a year. But need perspective… Without reforms in a few months, there will come a crisis”, – said danyluk.

He also said that Ukraine intends to return to public markets external borrowing in 2018 thanks to the IMF program and reforms.

“In 2018-2020, Ukraine should pay $18 billion”, – explained the necessity of such return, the Minister of Finance.

At the same time, he said, investors need to show the existence of prospects of development of the country and convince them opportunities to be trusted with money.

Earlier today, the European Commissioner Johannes Hahn said that the authorities of Ukraine to resume cooperation with the IMF should adopt a law on electronic controller and lift the ban on timber exports, this will open the way for the allocation of EU aid.

Earlier in the Cabinet of Ministers said that Ukraine hopes to complete negotiations on the revision of the Memorandum with the IMF and to receive a tranche of 1.7 billion dollars by the end of June.

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