The Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine: Russia must be punished

Министр молодежи и спорта Украины: Россия должна понести наказание

Igor Zhdanov

The head of the Ukrainian sport Igor Zhdanov wrote an emotional post in Facebook.

The Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Igor Zhdanov welcomes the deprivation of Russia the right to host several international competitions.

“My political and civil position is clear and consistent. Because of the mass abuse of doping in Russia should take away the right to conduct all international competitions. But we must understand that the appropriate decisions are not made by state bodies and individual athletes, and the international Federation. This also applies to biathlon and other winter sports.

Today the international biathlon Union held an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee. There is very seriously took up the study and analysis of documents about the use of doping Russian biathletes presented in the reports of WADA. The two biathletes are already banned from competition. I think others will follow violators. Against 29 other athletes open an internal investigation.

Bottom line is that in 2017, in Russia de-facto will not be held the world championship among youth and juniors biathlon Championships and the world Cup in Tyumen. In what form it happened (the Union of biathletes of Russia recused himself) – not so important.

Thus, the “Zrada” here. Is the first and appropriate sanctions from the international community, a victory for common sense and honest sport. It is obvious that the civilized sports world is not going to put up with such flagrant violations.

Russia also wins the right to host the world Cup skeleton and bobsleigh – 2017, which was to be held in Sochi. 19 Dec relevant international Federation IBSF decided to hold the competition in Germany.

On December 22 the international skating Union has decided to deprive Russia world Cup final – 2017, which is planned in Chelyabinsk.

I personally welcome all these decisions. Russia needs to carry a tough and inevitable punishment for organized criminal activity, directed to doping, falsification of trial, undermining the credibility of international competition and the basic principles of the Olympic movement.

And in Ukraine, meanwhile, 2017 will host the ice hockey world championship in division 1A and the European championship in diving,” he ended his fast Zhdanov.

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