The Ministry of culture extended the “black list” of Russians

Минкультуры расширило "черный список" россиян

The Ministry of culture contributed to “blacklist” the names of three Russian artists

Three Russian cultural figures – film Director, writer and actor joined a forbidden list of the Ministry of culture.

The list of persons who pose a threat to Ukrainian national security has replenished with three figures of culture of the Russian Federation. On Friday, June 8, the press service of the Ministry of culture.

In particular, in the list of persons entered the Russian producer and Director Renat Davletyarov writer Vasily Sakharov, and actor Maxim Schegolev.

The list of persons who pose a threat to national security is the Ministry of culture of Ukraine on the basis of appeals of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine, security service of Ukraine, the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio.

At the moment the list has 134 people.

Earlier it was reported that the ex-soloist of t.A.T.u got to base the Peacekeeper. The singer was accused of violating the state border of Ukraine and the visits beyond the control of Kiev territories of Donbass.

Recall all the performers of the main roles of the series the two men got in Peacemaker.


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