The Ministry of economic development called “earnings” of the state from small privatization

Минэкономразвития назвало "заработки" государства от малой приватизации

In the Prozorro.Sale held 95 successful auctions for small-scale privatization

ProZorro.Sales have already earned the state more than 124 million UAH 95 successful auction for the small privatization.

At the auctions on sale of objects of small privatisation the state has earned already more than 124 million UAH. On Tuesday, September 18, the press service of the Ministry of economic development.

“ProZorro.Sales continue to develop your fabulous start and already have earned for the state over 124 million UAH 95 successful auctions for small privatization”, – stated in the message.

The Ministry noted that the initial cost of the lots on average doubled.

Now in the registry for small-scale privatization has already been added 977 objects. And the total number of the already-announced auctions – 556, the initial cost of which is more than 588 million.

Earlier, the state property Fund has exposed on sale of 210 small-scale privatization, the total starting price of more than 113 million UAH. In this September almost 200 auctions on sale of objects of small privatisation.

In late July, the head of the Fund Vitaly Trebarov announced the start of small-scale privatization through ProZorro.

Soon the SPF already 100% completed the introduction of the database Prozorro.716 sale of objects of small privatization is planned for 2018.

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