The Ministry of economy has updated the forecast for growth of tariffs

Минэкономики обновило прогноз по росту тарифов

Communal again will rise in price

In the coming years in Ukraine will rise in price all utilities by 10-20% annually.

Of the respondents, the Ministry of economy, experts predict smaller growth rates in the next three years than previously. This is stated in the September consensus forecast of the Ministry for 2018-2021 years.

In particular, if in April, the experts assumed that the gas for the next three years will go up every year by 20%, now forecast: 2019 – 19%, in 2020 – 15% 2021 15%.

According to the forecast made in April, hot water and heating in 2019 were to rise by 10% in 2020, by 11%, and in 2021 – 20%. Now, experts predict that growth will be: 11,5%, 12%, 15%, respectively.

Regarding electricity, it was predicted in the spring that the Ukrainians will have to pay 22.5% more in 2019; 15% in 2020 and 12.5 percent by 2021. At the same time, in the autumn of the experts changed their opinion on the following: 20,5%, 20% and 20% respectively.

This year, according to the September forecasts of experts, the tariffs for communal change: natural gas, hot water and heating will rise in price by 20% and electricity by 18.9%. In April it was predicted that the increase would be: 18% – gas, hot water, heat and electricity – 20%.

Earlier in MRT predicted that, overall, by 2021, the tariffs for gas will grow by 40%, and the cost of electricity will rise by 25% annually, starting in 2019.


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