The Ministry of education propose to establish in the Ministry a working group “IT student”

The Ministry of education propose to establish a working group “IT student” to offer an alternative to the school course of Informatics. This appeal to the Minister Lilia Grinevich asked the experts and leaders in the field of IT education, writes “Today”.

During the presentation of the project “IT student” in HUB 4.0, it was decided to combine efforts and develop a comprehensive approach to school of IT education to offer the Ministry of education qualitative and affordable alternative to existing computer science course, “which does not meet the demands of the modern world.”

The participants have created an appropriate expert group and signed the appeal to the Minister.

To work in such a group, invited all interested companies and organizations. After the development of the course is planned to start as pilot project in one of the schools, and then offer to introduce in the curricula.

“I enthusiastically support the initiative. But it is important to understand how to achieve the synergy of existing projects and the ultimate goal. If the creation of an innovative economy, you need to look beyond IT. It should be comprehensive stem education — science, technology, engineering, mathematics. In this case, the rate will be the base for future innovation development of Ukraine”, — said the Director of Intel corporate Affairs and relations with government institutions in Ukraine and CIS, head of the Committee on the modernization and Informatization of education of the Public Council of Ministry of education of Ukraine Tatyana nanaeva.

Readiness to join the development of such a course was declared by the representatives of the project by Brain Basket foundation, Kid IT LITS4kids, Code Club TA Ventures, Kyiv Smart City, Boteon and others. “It is important to implement such initiatives and the example of pilot projects to show that they work. The course must be personalized so each child chose the most interesting and practical trend for themselves. In this principle of education, the smart kids and build a smart economy,” said Ilya Bezruchko, representing Kyiv Smart City.

Co-founder of the school “Focus osti” Valeriya Zabolotna said that in terms of aging infrastructure, staff shortages and “inertial forces” the main driver of education become the children themselves: “Access to information is limitless. If children want to learn something, they are sufficient only to guide and to give this opportunity. Works like the factory UNIT, it is actually automatic and not tied to the teachers. We are ready to share the experience and help “enable” the internal cognitive activity of children. The most important thing to not teach programming, to teach and to learn and to absorb knowledge effectively.”