The Ministry of energy explained how the coal from the USA is better

В Минэнерго объяснили, чем уголь из США лучше

Coal from the United States called higher quality

The energy Minister rejected corruption in the contracts for coal.

Igor Nasaliki declared that the purchase of coal in the United States is justified and corruption is not relevant. He told about it in interview to TV program “Persha spalte”.

“Pennsylvania is not a corruption scheme, this issue was worked out with the U.S. state Department Embassy and at the presidential level. To say that there is some kind of corruption scheme — is ridiculous… the Price is voiced, it is not only coal, but also the quality. The caloric content and the rate of heat transfer is about the extent that South African. If you look on the map and on the logistics, from the USA 30-35% less than South Africa. When you combine all these factors, you will come to the objective solution of this issue”, – said the Minister.

Nasalik also noted that Ukraine refused from the purchase of coal in Russia, with South Africa (South Africa) has a limited life and may not fully cover our needs.

“I believe that having long-term contracts, we can talk about lowering prices. But on the other hand, want to emphasize again that the Ministry is not engaged in economic activities. Moreover, we do not have a right to intervene in the economic activities of their respective generations. On the other hand, the Ministry is responsible for everything”, – he concluded.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the first batch of American anthracite, the amount of 85 thousand tons will be delivered in early September.

Overpay all. As Ukraine buys coal