The Ministry of environment asked not to burn leaves

Минэкологии просит не сжигать опавшие листья

Fallen leaves better burn

In the Ministry suggest to compost waste.

Ukrainians are asked not to burn leaves and stubble. This was stated by Minister of ecology and natural resources Ostap Semerak reported on the official website of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources.

“Now Ukraine has completed the harvest season, and therefore all mass burn fallen leaves, tops and weeds, forgetting that the smoke is harmful not only to the environment and personal health,” said Semerak.

However, he cited the example of other countries.

“In Western countries this is now seeth, although the same vegetable waste can be composted, as it usually prudently practiced in other countries. This is the level of ecological culture, to which we should strive,” said the Minister.

In a press-service of the Ministry of environment reminded that the responsibility for stubble burning, overgrazing, vegetation or its residues and fallen leaves provided in article 77-1 of the code of Ukraine on administrative offences.

For such an offence is from 170 to 340 UAH fine for citizens and from 850 to 1190 UAH for officials, and within the territories and objects of natural reserve Fund – from 340 to 680 UAH for citizens and from 1190 to 1700 UAH for officials.

For violation of requirements of fire safety in forests provides for liability in the form of penalty imposing on citizens from 85 to 255 UAH, and to officials – from 255 to 850 UAH, and if such actions led to the emergence of a forest fire or spread it over a large area, from 255 to 850 UAH – citizens and from 595 to 1020 UAH for officials.

In addition, the destruction or damage of objects of flora, the offender may incur criminal liability.

We will remind, at the end of September in Kiev, it is meteorological fall.