The Ministry of Finance admit that Ukraine may withdraw from Eurovision

В Минфине допускают, что Украина может отказаться от Евровидения

In Department do not exclude that Ukraine can transfer the ESC to another country.

Finance Minister Alexander danyluk admits that Ukraine will not find money in the budget for the holding of the Eurovision song contest 2017 and may transfer this right to another country. About this he wrote in his column on the Economic truth.

“Due to the nature of my work I have to think about the budget. I encourage a sober assessment of the opportunities and benefits of Eurovision and remind that the project should be financially justified. 1 billion USD (cost was estimated by the experts – ed.) is a huge amount. In the end, the world knows five examples of the transfer of the right to host the contest. For example, France in 1960, handed him over to the UK,” he wrote.

The Minister said that if Ukraine does decide to hold a contest, should read, “why are we doing this, and what use is it for the state”.

According to danyluk, the preparation for the competition was discussed at the may 18 meeting of the government. It was agreed within a month to hold an open national competition to select the city which will host the Eurovision song contest.

“We expect towns not just the goodwill of, but also the portfolio of infrastructure projects that we will attract funds of investors and donors,” he said.

The Minister also announced that Cabinet in the project office to be established, which will deal with the preparations for the Eurovision song contest and assured that the training will be held transparently and under the control of the public and volunteers.

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