The Ministry of Finance leaves the whole team danyluk

Минфин покидает вся команда Данилюка

Several top officials of the Ministry of Finance has gone along with the Danyluk

Together with Danilyuk’s statement on dismissal was written by the Vice-advisers, whom he brought to the Ministry of Finance.

On the eve of the dismissed Finance Minister Alexander danyluk said that his entire team leaves, the Ministry of Finance. He said this in the air Gromadska on Friday, June 8.

He stressed that it is not only deputies, but also the advisors.

“People who came along with me, it’s Yuri Butsa, Sergei Marchenko, submitted their resignation. We, as a team, leaving the Finance Ministry. Other advisors, who helped me in my work, also go. In particular, Yana Bugrimova, which in principle is the strongest candidate,” he said.

“Oksana Markarova remains, but she didn’t come with me,” he added.

Danyluk was informed that before the vote in Parliament for his dismissal spoke with President Petro Poroshenko.

“We talked to him, but spoke just before the vote when he was in Parliament. I just told him that the issue I really care about, how will develop the situation. After all this year the difficult and extremely complex 2019. Really bothers me that now, nobody is talking about 2019, because it is an election year,” – said the former Minister.

He declined to reveal the details of the conversation with Poroshenko.

Danyluk also said he had proposed to the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman to apologize for my behavior at the government meeting on 6 June.

“It wasn’t in the relationship the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance”, – said danyluk said that the conversation he had with the Groisman was held on the same day.

Earlier today Groisman presented to the staff of the Ministry of Finance Markarova as acting Minister. Prior to that, she was one of the Vice-danyluk.


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