The Ministry of Finance: Only 9% of refugees are entitled to payments

Минфин: Лишь 9% беженцев имеют право на выплаты

The Ministry of Finance has checked the legality of welfare benefits to immigrants

More than 25 thousand people have never crossed the demarcation line, said the Ministry of Finance.

The head of the Department of Finance social programs of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Andriy Ryazantsev said that of the 40 tested thousands of internally displaced persons, only 9% can receive payments under this status, reports mirror of the week.

Media: 700 thousand pseudoperichaeta receive payments

According to him, out of 40 thousand persons, which the Department has examined on the subject of crossing the demarcation line, 25 thousand never fell in the controlled territory and another part have double crossing in one direction or another.

“As a result of 40 thousand 3911 only people who can really get paid as IDPs. And this is only 9% of the checked. If we extrapolate this figure by the total number of immigrants, we get not more than 150 thousand genuine IDPs,” said Ryazantsev.

The representative of the Ministry of Finance also stressed that based on current projections, about 60 billion UAH of the budget can go on social benefits illegal.

Ryazantsev said that in the short term all pensioners-immigrants will be actual physical verification through “Oschadbank”.

Recall, according to the Ministry of social policy as of April 25 taken on record 1.78 million people or 1.45 million families from Donbas and Crimea.

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