The Ministry of Finance should be the engine of reform, – danyluk

Минфин должен стать двигателем реформ, - Данилюк

The Finance Ministry should be the engine of reform in Ukraine, which is one of the priorities of the current head of Department. This said Finance Minister Oleksandr danyluk said the program Natalia vlashchenko “People. Hard Talk. Live”.

Among the top priorities of its work, the Minister mentioned the changes in the budget process in terms of launching medium-term forecasting. The implementation of the reform of tax service and customs, which is done jointly with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

“And a very important priority fourth. I have a task to the Ministry of Finance has become the engine of reforms in the country and in the Cabinet. Because it’s the right role of the Ministry of Finance, because we have so many tools and if you know how to use them – we will not slow down reforms, but to create the preconditions for the reform of such industries as medicine, education, culture”, – he said.

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Recall, Groisman for appointment to the post of Prime Minister has stated that he intends to return to urgent tax reform.

Danyluk was appointed Minister of Finance in April, before the Ministry was headed by Natalia Jaresko, which insisted on the reform of the tax system according to the requirements of the IMF, what categorically do not agree, the Committee on taxation and customs policy Happy. As a result of long negotiations for the adoption of the tax reform, the parties came to consensus and agreed to reduce ERUs to 22% and maintaining a simplified tax.