The Ministry of Finance: the national Debt exceeded $75 billion

Минфин: Госдолг превысил $75 миллиардов

The Ministry of Finance announced the depressing statistics about the debt of Ukraine

State debt in the hryvnia equivalent is 1,957 trillion hryvnia

Total direct and guaranteed state debt of Ukraine as of June 30 rose 0.44% (330 million dollars) – to 75.01 billion. The corresponding information was published by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine on Wednesday, July 26.

Thus, the state and state guaranteed debt at the end of June amounted to 1 957,7 billion hryvnia (75,01 billion dollars) against 1 968,04 billion hryvnia (74,68 billion) a month earlier.

The total amount of direct debt as of June 30 amounted to 1 650,94 billion hryvnia (63,26 billion) against 1,665 billion hryvnia (63,18 billion) a month earlier.

The direct external debt for the month increased by 0.15 billion to $ 37,24 billion dollars, while direct domestic debt decreased to 678,88 billion.

Publicly guaranteed debt at 30 June amounted to 306,76 billion hryvnia (11,75 billion).

Recall that until the end of 2019 Kiev must pay nearly 13 billion dollars of debt.