The Ministry of foreign Affairs about Surkov: to Discuss Ukraine should Kiev

МИД о Суркове: Обсуждать Украину нужно с Киевом

The format of the Ukraine “Nuland-Surkov,” didn’t like the Ministry of foreign Affairs

The Ukrainian office has responded to media reports about the desire of the White house to establish contact with the assistant of Vladimir Putin.

Talks on Ukraine must take place with the participation of the Ukrainian side. This was said in the foreign Ministry, commenting on media reports about the desire of the White house to establish contacts with Russian presidential aide Surkov Vladislava, UNIAN reports.

Deputy foreign Minister for European integration Elena zerkal noted that “any communication” about the future of Ukraine should take place with the involvement of the Ukrainian side.

“Much will depend on the personality, first, to be determined by the Communicator not only with Russia, but in Europe, the administration has trump, because now there is no such person. Of course, much will depend on what they choose the way of communication. I can’t say I’ve always been a fan of the format of communication Nuland-Surkov,” – said zerkal.

BuzzFeed News, citing two European officials previously wrote that in the White House intend naznet new special envoy for direct contact with Surkov.

Recall that under the administration of Barack Obama, the US also had direct diplomatic channel with Surkov, which was used to discuss the implementation of the Minsk agreements. The role of the special envoy then played Victoria Nuland (in October last year, Nuland met with Surkov in Moscow – ed.)

Also note that at the end of last month it was reported that in Lugansk there arrived Surkov.

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