The Ministry of health called the tariffs for services of family physicians

В Минздраве назвали тарифы на услуги семейных врачей

In Ukraine, want to introduce health insurance

Each patient will bring the doctor 210 UAH per year.

For each patient, a family doctor in Ukraine will get an average of 210 per year. This at a press conference in Sumy, the Deputy Minister of health of Ukraine Pavlo Kovtonyuk.

The official said that the average family doctor will cost 210 Ukrainian hryvnia per year.

“If a private practice doctor will have 2 thousands of patients, and that the average for Ukraine value, you can easily calculate how much he will receive money for their private practice,” said Kovtonyuk.

The representative of the Ministry added that the number of patients will only be for those physicians who provide quality care.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun said that doctors “fast” will replace the paramedics.

The Ministry of health headed by another volunteer of the Maidan

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