The Ministry of health issued recommendations in connection with chemical emissions in the Crimea

МОЗ выдало рекомендации в связи с химическим выбросом в Крыму

In Armyansk on Monday allegedly not discovered harmful substances in the air

The Ministry of health recommend sealing the room to protect the respiratory system cotton-gauze bandage.

The Ministry of health together with the Ministry of information policy has issued advice for residents of regions that were under threat of chemical poisoning as a result of emissions in the annexed Crimea. The relevant recommendations promulgated the Ministry on Monday, September 10, in Facebook.

According to Ministry of health, in a risk zone there were settlements near the plant Crimean Titan in the North annexed the Crimea and on the South of Kherson region. The Ministry did not know what kind of material threatens the health of the residents, however, believe that chemical compounds dangerous to health.

About the poisoning, according to the Ministry of health, may indicate, in particular: cough; sputum, sometimes with blood; rhinitis; dry throat; epistaxis; irritation of eyes, mucous membranes, skin, and chest pain.

The Ministry of health recommend sealing the room to protect the respiratory system cotton-gauze bandage soaked in a two per cent solution of baking soda, rinse the vegetables and fruits two per cent soap-soda solution.

Also advised to avoid low-lying areas and basements, but try to be on the hills.

The health Ministry added that the plan to distribute a booklet with recommendations on the South of Kherson region.

It is noted that currently the doctors are on duty at the checkpoint Chaplinka and Kalanchak on the administrative border with the Crimea, to assist those who go from the Peninsula. The entry to the annexed territory through these points is now suspended, but normally is Chongar.

The so-called “power” of the Crimea said that the reason of emission of harmful substances in the North of the Peninsula is the evaporation of the contents of kilocalories used by the enterprise Crimea Titan.

At the same time, the defense Ministry insist that the release of chemicals in the territory of the annexed Crimea occurred due to the military Armed forces of Russia, who in training fired sumps waste titanium and soda plants.

Meanwhile, residents of the Crimean city of Armyansk continue to complain about the deterioration of health, the acrid smell in the air, tickling in the throat, especially in the evening.

Recall, September 4, the “power” of the Crimea declared that the concentration of harmful substances in the air in the North of the Peninsula higher than the acceptable norm in this regard, on two weeks have stopped the operation of the plant Crimean Titan. In addition, the evacuation of children from Armyansk in sanatoriums of the Crimea.

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