The Ministry of health told how to behave in cold weather

In frosty weather, Ukrainians are advised not to wear tight shoes and do not leave the house hungry.

In cold weather you need, in particular, to dress warmly, go out well-fed. On Wednesday, December 12, reported the press service of the Ministry of health.

The Ministry said that alcohol and low temperatures on the street – a dangerous combination.

“A feeling of warmth when drinking alcohol is deceptive, no matter what alcoholic beverage you drink. Alcohol dilates blood vessels on the surface of the body, so the blood flow is a feeling of warmth. Internal organs at this time the heat lose. Here lies the danger. The heat loss from the skin and extremities in the cold is fast, and the overall decrease of body temperature”, – reported in the Ministry of health.

At the same time, the Ministry of health published the basic rules of conduct in freezing weather:

– no alcohol and Smoking;

– satiety: don’t leave home hungry, and if you are cold – eat something and drink plenty of fluids;

– layering of clothing and no tight shoes;

– gloves, hat, scarf and raised collar are necessary, they will protect exposed skin from the cold;

– asset: to keep warm, move your hands, your toes, but avoid overwork, because when you tired, lose heat faster;

– every half-hour, go into a warm room.


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