The Ministry of health told this is dangerous to get vaccinated against measles

Минздрав рассказал, кому опасно прививаться от кори

The cure for measles

Vaccination against measles should not do during an acute illness accompanied by fever above 38.5°C, pregnant, taking steroids, undergoing chemotherapy, suffering from AIDS.

The Ministry of health has published a list of contraindications, which should not to be vaccinated against measles. The Ministry said in Facebook that missed on the calendar of vaccinations should catch up.

Slight cold with temperatures up to 38°C does not refer to contraindications. Vaccinations do not, if there is a high risk of a serious reaction, and in the States, when “the immune response to vaccination is not formed”.

Vaccination against measles should not do during an acute illness accompanied by fever above 38.5°C.

A contraindication is a serious allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock) to a previous dose of the vaccine or a known allergic reaction to one of the components of the vaccine (e.g., gelatin, neomycin, chicken protein).

Can not be immunized against measles pregnant women because it contains live viruses. Vaccinations against measles must be done at the planning stage of pregnancy.

Also, you cannot vaccinate for diseases and conditions of the body, in which after introduction of the vaccine, immunity may not develop (e.g., in terms of chemotherapy in cancer patients; in the use of large doses of steroid hormones; when taking medicines that suppress the immune system, with AIDS).

The health Ministry added that in case of temporary contraindications to vaccination the child receives a so-called medical exemption from vaccinations.

Contraindications for a longer period than two weeks, can only be determined immunologically Commission, which usually meets at the district hospital or city or regional hospital. Then missed on the calendar vaccinations to catch up on.

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