The Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation stated that they did not plan to exchange Savchenko Alexander and Yerofeyev

В Минюсте РФ заявили, что не планируют обменивать Савченко на Александрова и Ерофеева

The Ministry of justice of Russia has stated that it is not working on sharing Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko on prisoners in Ukraine, the Russian Grushnikov Alexander Alexander and Evgeny Erofeev, we are talking only about her possible extradition to Ukraine. About it “RIA Novosti” Minister of justice Alexander Konovalov.

He explained that the Ministry of justice was considering only the question about the possible return of Savchenko to Ukraine to serve his sentence at home.

“The transfer process is usually a long story and it has nothing to due with any of the exchanges, it just goes on execution of the interstate, usually a two-way mechanisms. With the consent of three sides — the transmitting side taken side and the convicted person — such transfer occurs and such a practice Russia has with the countries with which it is these bilateral mechanisms associated. Here is a perfectly ordinary story,” — said Konovalov.

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According to the head of the Ministry of justice, there is also the scenario in which arrangements shall be made through diplomatic channels, in these cases a possible exchange of prisoners between States.

“That was standard practice, such precedents were, but this is not the competence of the Ministry of justice — ed.)”, — he said.

As reported earlier, a source in law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation noted that Alexander and Yerofeyev will not be exchanged for Savchenko or anyone else from Ukrainians serving sentences in Russia. According to him, the paper on the results and Erofeeva Alexandrov still has not arrived to Moscow and the Russian Ministry of justice while considering only the question of the return of Ukrainians.

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At the same time, the lawyer Savchenko Nikolai Polozov called it a statement that is not true. According to Polozov, the such legal concepts as “sharing” does not exist.