The Ministry of justice proposed to bezveza to accept migrants

В Минюсте предложили для безвиза принять мигрантов

Refugees from Syria

Deputy Minister of justice believes that Ukraine could take on the quota of the Netherlands.

The Deputy Minister of justice in European integration Sergei Petukhov offered in Facebook that Ukraine took on the quota of one of the EU countries in the resettlement of migrants for visa-free regime.

“It’s no secret that the decision on Ukraine (for bizwise – Ed.) largely influenced by the Syrian migration crisis. It fearing a negative reaction of voters to migrants, European leaders are in no hurry to give bezviz Ukraine. But if that’s our biggest problem, then it may be the solution! I would suggest the EU to take voluntary quota for the resettlement of migrants. I think our country could fully take the quota, for example, of the Netherlands,” wrote cocks.

According to the official, Ukraine, in the case of such a decision, would need additional funding from the European Union or by individual countries, but this, says cocks, “would be much less money than would be spent on their maintenance in the EU”.

Earlier, the Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin criticised the European Union over gas and visas.

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