The Ministry of justice saw in yesterday’s decision of court of justice on the claim of the Ukraine to Russia positive signals

В Минюсте увидели во вчерашнем решении суда ООН по иску Украины к РФ позитивные сигналы

First Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Natalia Sevostianova in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 20.04.2017

In yesterday’s interim decision of the International court of justice, there are positive signals for Ukraine. This broadcast “112 Ukraine”, said Deputy justice Minister Natalia Sevostyanova.

“In fact, recent evidence packages, which we sent to the ECHR, probably the best for the entire period. Because for the last three years, we have mobilized all law enforcement agencies, we have collected hundreds of gigabytes of videos and under each video have the testimony of witnesses who either filmed it, or were present in this video that have confirmed the truthfulness of these materials. This is very important information for the court… To international courts such reports of an international organization will have a weight of more than national messages,” she said.

“It is very important to understand that yesterday we received the first positive signals from the International court of justice, which even I, as a lawyer, had not anticipated. Because international justice is very careful. Does not go into some new areas, and ambitious in making precedents. The fact that the order of the court, first provided a provisional jurisdiction under both conventions, perhaps, was the most important, because the Convention on the financing of terrorism court in practice has never been applied. In a case like ours, there were many risks that the court will not undertake it,” said the official.

Sevostyanova added that yesterday’s decision is not “crazy win at this stage”. “But this is the maximum that can be obtained from the International court of justice at this stage in this complicated case… In fact the decision was a historic and very important, supported by evidence, because without it we wouldn’t have received a preliminary jurisdiction,” she said.

As reported, on April 19 the international court of justice issued an interim decision on the claim of Ukraine against Russia.

In particular, it denied the provisional measures on Russia from the Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism. The court decided that the conditions that are necessary to identify additional measures regarding the rights that are violated in Ukraine on the basis of the Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism do not meet the requirements.

However, the international court of justice granted the request of Ukraine on temporary measures concerning a claim against Russia under the Convention on the elimination of racial discrimination.

The court called for the preservation of the Crimean Tatars the right to establish own institutions and requirement of Russia to resume the work of Parliament. Russia should also ensure that the use of the Ukrainian language in the educational system of the Crimea.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the corresponding decision was called a victory.

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