The Ministry of justice stated on the inadmissibility of unauthorised talks with the militants

В Минюсте заявляют о недопустимости переговоров неуполномоченных лиц с боевиками

The participation of unauthorized persons in the negotiations with the militants is unacceptable. Such opinion on air of “112 Ukraine” stated the Deputy Minister of justice Natalia Sevostyanova, commenting on the meeting of the people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko with the leaders of the “LDNR”.

“Today, a lot of questions about why the individual is not authorized persons participate in the negotiations on behalf of Ukraine. In my opinion, this is unacceptable. All negotiations should be within a certain circle of persons, defined by the President,” said Sevostyanova.

According to the Deputy Minister, the legal relationship with the territories controlled by the militants are eliminated.

“Legally to have relations with the so-called unrecognized republics of Lugansk, Donetsk areas we can not and do not plan to have. We do not recognize the fact of this occupation, we understand that this is a temporary occupation, which is the ATO. That is why all activities that occur today and the government of Ukraine and the President, and a team of negotiators who participate in the Minsk process occurring in the international arena and in the political arena, together with our colleagues from international organizations with monitoring and fixing the facts of human rights violations occurring in these areas. Unfortunately, today, the only effective tool is negotiation, the results of which we have a gradual victory and can return our citizens,” she said.

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Today the militants have stated that they will give Hope Savchenko two captured women.

Recall that Ukraine is already a few weeks ago said that as a goodwill gesture, reports OGLO 15 people from the list on the exchange. Now this process is at the final stage of preparation.

We will note, Savchenko was engaged in the unauthorized talks with the militants, in particular, in Minsk, she secretly met with leaders of the “DNR” and “LNR”. She noted that during the negotiations no promises rebels did not give. However, on December 14, the television broadcast she announced the agreement of exchange of prisoners at the rate of 1 to 4. According to the SBU, at the meeting of the Deputy of Hope Savchenko and heads of “DNR” and “LNR” behind the scenes discussed the lifting of sanctions on regions and Amnesty.

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