The Ministry of social policy: Ukraine disaster with pension payments

Минсоцполитики: В Украине катастрофа с пенсионными выплатами

The pension Fund deficit now stands at 145 billion USD

The deficit of the Pension Fund amounts to 145 billion.

In Ukraine heading for disaster with the pension payments. About this on air of the program “Freedom of speech” said social policy Minister Andriy Reva.

“If in 2014, the deficit of the pension Fund amounted to 80 billion USD and the question was how to cover it, it was decided to tax pensions that gave 1 billion 800 million ... after a year decided to reduce the rate of single social tax from 38% to 22%,” the Minister said.

According to him, after this, some economists argued that as soon as will decrease the unified social contribution, the shortfall of funds overlaps.

“It’s been 5 months and I want to tell you that the pension Fund deficit, which last year amounted to 80 billion USD, is now 145 billion USD. That is, we took 65 billion USD and given to big business, hoping that it would be a shame, and it will return through higher wages and payment of contributions to the Pension Fund. This has not happened … ” – he said.

“Today we were in a situation, when in fact heading for disaster with the pension payments, namely the deficit of the pension Fund,” said Reva.

Earlier it was reported that retired Ukrainians sent 14 billion hryvnia.

The government intends to eliminate spetspensii, and in 2017 to introduce a funded system of pensions.